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Accurate Geotechnical reporting is vital for the success of any geotechnical or environmental engineering project. BCRCo provides accurate reporting frameworks to guide progress quickly and safely. With over 10 years experience in all aspects of industry standard geotech reports, BCRCo provides clear communication and recommendations surrounding design and construction feasibility.

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No.Test MethodTest Procedure Title
1ASTM D 421Dry Preparation for Particle Size Distribution & Soil Constants
2ASTM D 422Particle Size Analysis
3ASTM D 427Shrinkage Factor
4ASTM D 558Moisture-Density of Soil-Cement
5ASTM D 559Wetting & Drying Soil-Cement
6ASTM D 698Compaction Characteristics by Standard Effort
7ASTM D 854Specific Gravity of Soils
8ASTM D 1140Material Finer than 75 :m (No. 200) Sieve
9ASTM D 1556Density & Unit Weight by Sand Cone
10ASTM D 1557Compaction Characteristics by Modified Effort
11ASTM D 1883California Bearing Ratio (CBR) in Normal Condition
12ASTM D 1883California Bearing Ratio (CBR) include 96hrs Swell Data
13ASTM D 2166Unconfined Compressive Strength
14ASTM D 2168Calibration of Laboratory Mechanical-Rammer Soil Compactors
15ASTM D 2216Water Content
16ASTM D 2217Wet Preparation for Particle Size Analysis
17ASTM D 2434Permeability by Constant Head
18ASTM D 2435One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties
19ASTM D 2487Classification of Soils
20ASTM D 2850Unconsolidated, Undrained Strength in Triaxial Compression
21ASTM D 3080Direct Shear Test in Consolidated Drained Conditions
22ASTM D 3282Standard Practice for Classification of Soils and Soil-Aggregate Mixture for Highway Construction Purposes
23ASTM D 3470Minimum Requirements for Agencies Engaged in the Testing and/or Inspection of Soil and Rock as Used in Engineering Design and Construction
24ASTM D 4253Maximum Index Density by Vibratory Table
25ASTM D 4254Minimum Index Density
26ASTM D 4318Liquid & Plastic Limits & Plasticity Index
27ASTM D 4546One-Dimensional Swell or Settlement Potential
28ASTM D 4643Determination of Water Content of Soil by Microwave Oven
29ASTM D 4718Correction of Unit Weight and Water Content for Soils Containing Oversize Particles
30ASTM D 4829Standard Test Method for Expansion Index of Soils
31ASTM D 4972Standard Test Method for pH of Soils
32ASTM D 5333Measurement of Collapse Potential of Soils
33AASHTO T 224Correction for Coarse Particles in the Soil Compaction Test