Water and Waste Water Tests

Water & Waste Water Tests

BCRCo provides a wide variety of Water and Waste Water Tests in all over Afghanistan; in provinces like Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Kandahar, Jalal Abad, Badakhshan, Badghis, Ghor, Farah, Helmand, Bamyan, and others.

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No.Test MethodTest Procedure Title
1AP 011Chlorine (Free) (DPD No 1) 0 to 5 mg/l
2AP 013Chlorine (FREE) (DPD No 1) XF 0 to 10 mg/l
3AP 021Chlorine (DPD No 2) 0 to 5 mg/l
4AP 130pH (Phenol Red)
5AP 162Chlorine HR 0 - 250 mg/l
6PL 450COD/150
7PL 453COD/1000
8PL 456COD/20000
9PL 513Dissolved Oxygen
10PM 031Chlorine (DPD No 1 and No 3) 0 to 5 mg/l
11PM 033Chlorine (DPD No 1 and No 3) XT 0 to 10 mg/l
12PM 041Chlorine (DPD No 4) 0 - 5 mg/l
13PM 052Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite (DPD) 0 - 10.0 mg/l
14PM 060Bromine
15PM 109Nitrite (Nitricol)
16PM 148Zinc
17PM 152Ammonia
18PM 154Sulphate
19PM 156Iron HR
20PM 163Nitrate (Nitratest)
21PM 166Aluminium
22PM 173Manganese
23PM 174Manganese HR
24PM 179Fluoride
25PM 186Copper (Coppercol)
26PM 188Alkalinity, Total (Alkaphot)
27PM 189Potassium
28PM 190Boron
29PM 193Magnesium (Magnecol)
30PM 252Calcium Hardness (Calcicol)
31PM 254Hardness (Hardicol)
32PM 260Nitrite (Nitriphot)
33PM 266Sulphite (Sulphitest)
34PM 268Chloride (Chloridol)
35PM 269Colour/Turbidity
36PM 281Chromium VI (Chromicol)
37PM 284Nickel (Nickeltest)
38PM 292Iron MR
39PT 162/1Conductivity
40PT 162/2TDS
41PT 162/3Salinity
42PT 430Lead (Pb)
43PT 710Total Coliform include yeasts and mould
44PT 981Arsenic
45PTW 10068Coli & E. Coli