Soil Test

BCRCo provides a wide variety of Soil Tests in all over Afghanistan; in provinces like Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Kandahar, Jalal Abad, Badakhshan, Badghis, Ghor, Farah, Helmand, Bamyan, and others.

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No. Test Method Test Procedure Title
1ASTM D 421Dry Preparation for Particle Size Distribution & Soil Constants
2ASTM D 422Particle Size Analysis
3ASTM D 427Shrinkage Factor
4ASTM D 558Moisture-Density of Soil-Cement
5ASTM D 559Wetting & Drying Soil-Cement
6ASTM D 698Compaction Characteristics by Standard Effort
7ASTM D 854Specific Gravity of Soils
8ASTM D 1140Material Finer than 75 :m (No. 200) Sieve
9ASTM D 1556Density & Unit Weight by Sand Cone
10ASTM D 1557Compaction Characteristics by Modified Effort
11ASTM D 1586Penetration Test and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils
12ASTM D 1587Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of soils for geotechnical purposes
13ASTM D 1883California Bearing Ratio (CBR) in Normal Condition
14ASTM D 1883California Bearing Ratio (CBR) include 96hrs Swell Data
15ASTM D 1195Repetitive Static Plate Load Tests of Soils and Flexible Pavement Components, for Use in Evaluation and Design of Airport and Highway Pavements
16ASTM D 1196Non-repetitive Static Plate Load Tests of Soils and Flexible Pavement Components, for Use in Evaluation and Design of Airport and Highway Pavements
17ASTM D 2113Rock Core Drilling and Sampling of Rock for Site Investigation
18ASTM D 2166Unconfined Compressive Strength
19ASTM D 2167Density & Unit Weight by Rubber Balloon
20ASTM D 2168Calibration of Laboratory Mechanical-Rammer Soil Compactors
21ASTM D 2216Water Content
22ASTM D 2217Wet Preparation for Particle Size Analysis
23ASTM D 2434Permeability by Constant Head
24ASTM D 2435One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties
25ASTM D 2487Classification of Soils
26ASTM D 2488Description & Identification of Soils (Visual-Manual Procedure)
27ASTM D 2850Unconsolidated, Undrained Strength in Triaxial Compression
28ASTM D 2922Density by Shallow Depth Nuclear Method
29ASTM D 2937Density by Drive Cylinder Method
30ASTM D 3017Moisture Content by Shallow Depth Nuclear Method
31ASTM D 3080Direct Shear Test in Consolidated Drained Conditions
32ASTM D 3282Standard Practice for Classification of Soils and Soil-Aggregate Mixture for Highway Construction Purposes
33ASTM D 3470Minimum Requirements for Agencies Engaged in the Testing and/or Inspection of Soil and Rock as Used in Engineering Design and Construction
34ASTM D 4220Preserving & Transporting Samples
35ASTM D 4253Maximum Index Density by Vibratory Table
36ASTM D 4254Minimum Index Density
37ASTM D 4318Liquid & Plastic Limits & Plasticity Index
38ASTM D 4546One-Dimensional Swell or Settlement Potential
39ASTM D 4643Determination of Water Content of Soil by Microwave Oven
40ASTM D 4718Correction of Unit Weight and Water Content for Soils Containing Oversize Particles
41ASTM D 4829Standard Test Method for Expansion Index of Soils
42ASTM D 4972Standard Test Method for pH of Soils
43ASTM D 5333Measurement of Collapse Potential of Soils
44ASTM D 5434Field Logging of Subsurface Explorations of Soil and Rock
45ASTM D 6169Guide for Selection of Soil and Rock Sampling Devices used with Drill Rigs for Environmental Site Characterization
46ASTM D 6951Use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Shallow Pavement Applications
47AASHTO T 93Determining the Field Moisture Equivalent of Soils
48AASHTO T 224Correction for Coarse Particles in the Soil Compaction Test
49ASTM G 51Standard Test Method for Measuring pH of Soil for Use in Corrosion Testing
50ASTM G 57Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Soil Resistivity Using the Wenner Four-Electrode Method
51CRD-C 655Standard Test Method for Modulus of Soil Reaction